Young Writers' StorySchool for Individuals

Discover new ways to get out of trouble, make writing fun and share your story.
Provides access for one teacher or individual, including teachers’ notes and activity sheets for each lesson.
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What's in the box?

Super-Engaging Episodes and Activity Sheets

24 Video Lessons

Each video covers an aspect of the writing process, shows how author Tristan Bancks does it, using pictures, video, music, maps and other tools to bring the process to life, and then sets a challenge for the young writer.

Activity Sheets

There are fun, printable, easy-to-use activity sheets for each lesson. These give you a structure to help you complete the activities Tristan suggests throughout the course.

Teacher's Notes

Expansive teachers' notes for each lesson, written by an experienced teacher / writer. They offer a detailed breakdown of the concepts presented by Tristan. They also include suggestions for reluctant writers and further content with links to other resources.
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